Tough as Nails

Mod Tough as Nails - seasons, cold, thirst and other effects in minecraft.

For fans of realism and hardcore, this mod will add a lot of new game mechanics, complicating the process of surviving in the game world, now you will have to control your body temperature, and it depends on your armor, biome and time of day, in case of wrong actions you risk dying. In the meantime, the world will have a change of seasons, this will also affect you, as well as the process of growing food.

So what does the Tough as Nails mod add?


The seasons are one of the main features in fashion. With the change of seasons, not only the color of grass and foliage changes, but also the ambient temperature, and snow may appear in different biomes, not even snowy ones.

There are 12 seasons in total, which include the early, main and late seasons. Each season lasts 7 in-game days, so a year in minecraft equals 84 in-game days.

Also, in winter, crops in the beds can die if they are not warmed in a special way (more on that later)

There is also a "clock of the seasons" and a "sensor of the seasons", which are similar to a simple clock and sensor, only they work with the seasons.


Thirst is similar to hunger. It is consumed while running, and you won't be able to run if your thirst is at or below 3. Also, on Hard and Hardcore difficulty, you can die from dehydration. There are many ways you can quench your thirst, from a leather flask to various drinks.

A leather flask is the main item for quenching thirst. It is made from 6 pieces of leather. However, when filling it up, you will most likely collect dirty water, drinking which will give you a thirst effect similar to the hunger effect for eating rotten flesh.

You can get pure water by collecting it in a glass flask and filtering it. To do this, you will need a charcoal filter with which you will purify the water before boiling it in the oven.

You can also get clean water by collecting rain water with a "rain collector". When it rains, it will be filled with clean water.

You can make juice from pure water, sugar, and various fruits or vegetables. They quench your thirst faster, so if you are going on a trip, it is better to stock up on them.

Also, thirst is quenched by potions and buckets of milk.

Body temperature

Body temperature is influenced by many factors, including:
biome temperature Blocks - sources of heat / cold Heating/cooling coils Run Armor Times of Day Season Weather Humidity

Body temperature is displayed in a special sphere above the inventory bar between hunger and thirst. Its color varies from gray, blue to orange. And the arrow on it signals a decrease / increase in temperature. If you are close to death from overheating/hypothermia, the orb will change to a flame/snowflake.

The easiest way to keep warm is a fire. To cool off - just swim. Also different armor feeds change your temperature. Woolen and leather - warm, and diamond and slime - cool. Use heating/cooling coils to create the right temperature in your home. Attention! They only work in enclosed spaces. Also, they do not work correctly with glass blocks.

And of course, special potions change your temperature. Do not forget that the temperature does not change instantly, it takes time. To measure temperature, you can create a thermometer.

Reduced amount of starting health

You now have a reduced starting health.
On peaceful - 10 On easy - 7 On normal - 5 On the difficult - 3

You can restore the amount of health up to 10 hearts, for this you need to find "heart" crystals in the chests of the edge fortress. It is worth noting that the maximum number of hearts has not changed.