ItemPhysic Full + Lite

ItemPhysic physics for minecraft, physics mod for minecraft

The mod adds the physics of things and objects to Minecraft, now objects and blocks will realistically fall and lie on the ground, and not float in the air.
In addition, only those things that can actually burn will burn in lava. Floating objects will float, others will sink.

The author has developed two versions of the mod, these are ItemPhysic Full and ItemPhysic Lite, Full adds much more realism, but also some inconvenience. The Lite version is mostly visual, the game remains the same, it's just that blocks can fall and lie on surfaces.

ItemPhysic Full features:
Discarded items lie on the surface. More realistic animation of breaking (falling out) blocks. Items will not automatically rise, they must be picked up by hand. You can throw items with beautiful animations. Realistic physics of blocks and objects in liquids, some float. others drown. Combustible things will burn in lava, others will float or sink like in water. A torch that falls on wood will set fire to it.

Features of ItemPhysic Lite:
Has all animations, including lying objects. Does not change the properties of the game, everything sinks in water, everything burns in lava. Torches do not set fire to wood if dropped on it. Items automatically pick up if you are close.