Dynamic Lights

Mod Dynamic Lights - adds dynamic lighting to minecraft, now objects that emit light, such as a torch or glowstone, will give light if they are held in their hands, or if they are thrown to the ground. This is a realistic mechanic that will allow you to explore dungeons and travel at night without spending torches setting them up.

In addition to the torch and glowstone, lava bucket, jack lantern, redstone torch can emit light, but on some versions of the mod the list of items is different.

The functionality of this mod has long been implemented in the Optifine mod, it has a similar name - dynamic lighting, has several modes of operation for PCs of different capacities, you can try all the options and choose the most productive / high-quality one.

This mod gives an additional load on the PC, if you have low fps, then this mod can reduce it even more, be careful.