Minecraft realism mod

The mod for realism in Minecraft has one goal - to make the game more hardcore, complicate routine survival and throw the player out of the comfort zone, again forcing him to peer into the night with tension, carefully explore biomes and caves, meeting new dangers. One of the most interesting representatives of this trend of mods is EnviroMine.

Realistic mod - features

 The main innovation is thirst. Now the character will have to periodically look for moisture. Dirty water cannot be drunk, it must first be cleaned of impurities. There is also a temperature. In cold biomes, you will need to look for clothes and carry heat sources with you, just as in hot locations you will even need to take off your armor, since in iron armor the character will soon fall exhausted. The conditions for extracting resources in the mine are also changing dramatically. If you download the realism mod for minecraft for free, then in addition to physics, it becomes really suffocate in them. And the deeper you have to go down, the more pronounced the effect will become. In the end, the player will need to create anchor points where they can rest and replenish their air supply. Realistic mods require the player to follow the regime. Fatigue is a new enemy, overtaking at night. You can fall unconscious and become a victim of enemies.

Supported versions

 You can download the realism mod for version 1.7.10 and higher. How to download a Minecraft mod for realism To download the mod, you need: 1. Go to the Forge page. 2. Select version, download and install. 3. Open the mod page. 4. Press the "Download" button. This will download the latest version available. Moreover, you can download a mod for realism for free and enjoy the effects.

How to install

To complete the installation, just place the downloaded file in the mods folder in the game directory. After launch, the name of the modification should be displayed in the list of available ones. You can start playing.