Pixelmon mod is a large and very cool mod called pixelmon, it adds pokemon to minecraft, you can catch them, fight other players or NPCs, improve and upgrade your pokemon. The mod is very large and adds a huge number of different items and game mechanics.

I think that it’s not worth saying something about this universe, because absolutely everyone has heard about Pokémon at least out of the corner of their ear. Naturally, such a huge universe will not be limited to cartoons and games. For all the time of its existence, a huge number of comics (official and fan-made), feature films (not only official ones) have been released. And as we can see, he made it to Minecraft in the form of the Pixelmon mod.

Pixelmon is one of the most global and best mods, adding not only the most Pokemon, but everything related to this universe, items, furniture, gameplay, quests, structures, armor, weapons and tools. After appearing in the world, you will be given a choice of one of the Pokemon, it will live in your Pokeball and you can fight with it. In the world around there will be many different Pokémon that you can catch, to catch them you need to defeat in battle. The battles in this mod are turn-based, you start the battle, choose the type of attack, your Pokemon strikes or uses another ability, and so on, until one of the Pokemon runs out of health. All Pokémon have beautiful animations and realistic sounds. By the way, the mod is translated into Russian.