Ice and Fire

For hundreds of years, Dragons have roamed the lands of the Known World. They are not just a threat and pests, but also the main reason for the loss of many lives. Only a few brave men can kill a dragon. Even fewer can be tamed.

Ice and Fire is a mod for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.15.2 that adds two dragons to the game. They have significant differences from each other. The first dragon - has fire as its main weapon. It burns enemies to the ground, as well as just mobs that suddenly decided to attack this dragon. There is another version of the dragon - the Ice Dragon. The ice dragon has a slightly different element at its disposal, it is called cold. It can shoot huge streams of ice that freeze all enemies. Also, these dragons spawn in different regions. It is important for one to be warmer, and for the other - on the contrary.

Mod features:

The mod adds not only dragons, but also other features, for example, dragons live in peculiar caves that are now generated by the game, so you can find them and fight there.
New items have also been added, for example, a dragon egg, which can also be found in the cave and taken for yourself. It will allow you to create your own dragon, on which you can fly and destroy enemies.
It is also possible to collect dragon skeletons as separate loot in deserts or other desert biomes.
You can also create separate armor for dragons.

Have a nice game everyone!