Home and world decor without mods, head decoration in minecraft

This small tutorial will allow you to decorate your home with different decorations without the use of mods, it will be about getting different beautiful player heads that perform a decorative effect, they can be in the form of popular characters, various objects like gift boxes, a TV, a globe, a lamp and even a hamburger.

This decoration method works on any version starting from 1.8 and older, up to 1.12.2, 1.13.2 and even 1.14+, all we need is the site and the game itself.

Where to find beautiful heads:

Ordinary heads | custom heads

There are 2 types of heads, regular and custom, the first ones are a little easier to get, but the second ones are much larger and more beautiful and varied.

How to get a head in the game?

You should not be using a pirate skin system like ely.by at the time of getting the heads, log out of the skin system, get the heads, log back in.