Ager's mosslings and villages

Ager's Mosslings and Villagers is a unique mod for Minecraft that adds a new race of living creatures to the game. Mosslings are small, cute, and furry creatures that players can raise, nurture and take care of. The mod also adds new villages that Mosslings inhabit, complete with new buildings and structures.

Technical Characteristics:

Ager's Mosslings and Villagers is a client-side mod, meaning that it only affects the player who has installed it. The mod is compatible with Minecraft version 1.12.2, and it requires the installation of the Minecraft Forge API. Once installed, the mod can be activated by launching the Minecraft client and selecting it from the mod selection menu.


Mosslings: The mod adds a new race of living creatures to the game called Mosslings. They are small, furry creatures that players can raise, nurture and take care of. Mosslings are born in nests, which can be found in the wild, and can be raised to adulthood by feeding them various foods. They can also be taught tricks and can even be ridden as mounts.

Villages: The mod adds new villages to the game, which Mosslings inhabit. These villages have new buildings and structures that Mosslings can interact with. Players can also trade with the Mosslings and purchase unique items and goods from them.

Crafting: The mod adds several new crafting recipes, including items that can be used to raise Mosslings, such as nesting materials and various foods.

Secrets and Tactics:

One of the most interesting secrets of Ager's Mosslings and Villagers mod is the ability to find rare, colored Mosslings in the wild. These Mosslings have unique colors, and they are incredibly rare to find. Players can also breed Mosslings to create new, unique colors and patterns.

To use the mod effectively, players need to take care of their Mosslings by feeding them regularly and keeping them safe from harm. They also need to build suitable shelters and nesting areas for their Mosslings to thrive in.

Reviews and Fun:

Overall, Ager's Mosslings and Villagers is a fun and unique mod for Minecraft. It adds a new race of living creatures to the game that players can raise and nurture. The Mosslings are incredibly cute and fun to interact with, and the new villages add an additional layer of depth to the game. The mod is also easy to install and use, making it accessible to both children and adults.

Many Minecraft players have praised Ager's Mosslings and Villagers for its unique and creative additions to the game. Players have enjoyed raising Mosslings and exploring the new villages, and have found the mod to be a fun and refreshing addition to the game.

The mod can be downloaded on many websites, including the one linked in the description of the video. It is definitely worth checking out and is a great addition to any Minecraft player's mod collection.