Mod Vampirism in the game Minecraft

The Vampirism mod allows the player to become a creature of the night, powerful and fast, but instantly losing their powers in the light. You will also have to drink the blood of your enemies. But there is an alternative option - to become a hunter of evil spirits in order to rid the world of it.

Mod Features

Mod for Minecraft - Vampirism, is completely dedicated to the confrontation between bloodsuckers and mere mortals who are trying to exterminate them. Among the new mechanics: skills for evil spirits and hunters, a unique pumping system, as well as the struggle for villages. The latter can be captured in favor of one of the parties.

Supported versions

The modification works with 1.18, 1.19.

Mod Vampirism - how to become a vampire

To become a vampire, you must be hit by a vampire. This will result in the "Sanguinare Vampiris" effect being applied. After a few in-game days, the character will become unclean. During this time, you cannot die or clear the applied effects, otherwise the transformation will not happen.

After going through the metamorphosis, the hero will receive additional health hearts, as well as a new hunger scale. Now, to survive, you will have to drink the blood of living beings, inhabitants or animals.

To eat, you need to press the "V" key. In this case, the absorbed creature can also become evil spirits.

Mod vampirism - how to become a hunter

Mod for vampires - Vampirism, allows you to be not only on the side of darkness. By giving himself a garlic injection, the player is able to join the ranks of the hunters. After that, a special weapon is unlocked, with which you can kill vampires instantly.

How to download vampirism mod

To download the vampirism mod for minecraft, you will need:

1. Download Forge.
2. Go to the Vampirism mod page.
3. Move the downloaded file to the mods folder.

You can also install Minecraft Vampirism with the Werewolves mod. He opens the werewolves and allows you to become one of them. You can start playing.