Schools of Magic

I present to you Schools of Magic Mod - a new, very large magic mod that was released just a few days ago, learn spells, brew potions, fight new enemies, travel through new biomes among new plants.

The mod is large and not simple, it has a guide book, which has already been translated into Russian, it will make it relatively easy to deal with the mod.
Initially, the mod was called Magic Kingdoms Mod, but after 1.5 years the author changed the name to Schools of Magic Mod, there were also many changes in the mod.

Mod functionality:

The mod adds many new resources, including several unique biomes with new plants, ores, armor, and more. Completely new potion system, crafting process with an improved cauldron, new types of potions. Magic tea brewing system, get weak potion effects by brewing herbal tea. Magic wands, more than 58 spells, including necromancy, summoning, transfiguration, banishment, binding, elemental, death, life and chaos magic. Magic items, pendants crafted from gems, some allow you to cast certain spells without using mana. New plants for farming, 20+ ores. Huge structure - "Ziggurat", a huge pyramid which contains a deadly labyrinth and 20 random challenge rooms + a deadly boss monster at the end. The structure is cursed and indestructible (even in creative). Many new mobs and mini-bosses, three new NPC races, centaurs, mermaids, humans, they are more advanced than the inhabitants, you can be friends and cooperate with them, and you can find them in their kingdoms that have their own politics, and can even go to war together.