Mowzie's Mobs Mod - carnivorous plant, deities, epic mobs, magic.

This mod will add several epic mobs to the game, now you can meet a magical predatory plant, it does not move but is extremely dangerous. Also in the world you can see some strange natives who worship their deity, moreover, the deity can attack with firestrike.
In the world you can find ancient armored knights, they are almost invulnerable. In snowy areas, you can meet a huge ice monster, it has ice breath.

All these mobs are not simple, they all drop interesting things, by killing the leader of the Papuans, you can take his mask and become their deity yourself, kill the Papuans, take their masks, revive them, they will serve you.
The knight can only be damaged in one way, when he attacks you, he can stick his weapon into the ground and start to get it, at this moment you need to hit him in the back. Drops interesting weapons and a helmet.