Mod Morph (Morphing) - become a mob in minecraft, a mod for turning into mobs.

Hello everyone, Tema00279 is with you, and today I will show you a great mod called Morphing, which allows you to turn into absolutely any mobs. You can shoot funny videos or play a prank on a friend, to enable the mob selection menu, you need to press the letter "x" on the Russian keyboard layout.

In order to be able to transform into a mob or a player, you must kill it, then your body will absorb the appearance with a beautiful animation, and then you can select it in the list of creatures. Some mobs have unique abilities, such as teleport, or fire projectiles, the default key is b

How to install the mod:

1. Install Forge
2. Install iChunUtil Mod
3. Install all additional mods if indicated.
4. Download mod and copy to .minecraft/mods
5. Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.