Metamorph - transformation mod

Metamorph is a mod for turning into a mob. Allows you to get all the features of the original monsters, such as the ability to poison enemies with attacks in the guise of a spider, up to copying the explosion of a creeper (with subsequent death in it).

Management and features of morphs

By killing mobs in survival mode, the player can receive and collect the souls of defeated opponents. Control:

• "X" - call the menu of available creatures, all collected souls are displayed here, you can assign favorite transformations;
• "O" - toggles the display of favorite transformations;
• "B" - brings up a menu of all available mobs, works only in creative mode;
• "V" - a special ability, like an explosion of a creeper or a jump of a rabbit;
• "." - disable the current appearance.

Each morph in the game is unique. Turning into someone, the player receives, among other things, the passive abilities of the "victim". So, having become an iron golem, when attacking, the character will throw opponents into the air. Spiders can crawl up walls, and a bat can fly and has night vision. The player also inherits the creature's health.

Only standard monsters have unique active and passive abilities by default. The player can pick up the souls of any creatures from mods, however, only the appearance and health level will be inherited. However, the configuration of monsters is available through the settings, so it can be adjusted to any modification.

Supported versions

Works with versions: 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2.

Where can I download

To download the modification to your computer, you need:

1. Go to the Metamorph page.
2. Click the Download button on the right side of the screen to download.

The latest version will be automatically downloaded. You can choose another one by clicking on the Files category. This will open the archive.

How to install

The mod for turning into mobs - Metamorph, can be installed according to this instruction:

1. Download and install Forge.
2. Download Mclib.
3. Place the Mclib file in the minecraft/mods folder.
4. Place the Metamroph files in the mods folder.

After this mod for transformation, Metamorph will be displayed in the list of available ones. You can start playing and become a different creature with one click