Botania Mod for Minecraft

Botania Minecraft mod brings many new plants to the game. And they are not simple, but magical, using magical energy to work like mechanisms. With their help, the player can do a huge number of things.

Botania mod - features

In Minecraft, the Botania mod brings new buildings, magic flowers and many new effects for their application. The central mechanic is mana, which plants consume and absorb when performing some actions. For example, the player can use TNT to explode. The flower will absorb the energy of the explosion and release magical power into the environment, which is used by another flower to summon hostile mobs, which makes it easier to create farms.

The game has a Botania Lexicon containing detailed information about all kinds of new flora. Some species can only be obtained in certain places, such as in the Nether or Overworld.

In addition to colors, the Botania mod adds four types of ingots used in the creation of magical equipment and armor with unique effects. They also consume mana, but significantly strengthen the character.

Supported versions

You can download the Botania mod in Russian for all versions from 1.7.10 to 1.18.

How to download mod minecraft Botania in Russian

To download mod for Minecraft Botania, you will need:

1. Go to the Forge page.
2. Install the program.
3. Open the page Baubles or Baubles - Reborn?, depending on the version of the game.
4. Download Baubles by clicking on the "Download" button.
5. Go to the Botania page.
6. Click "Download" to download the latest version.

How to install

To complete the installation, you must:

1. Move the Baubles and Botania files to the mods folder.
2. Open the game and make sure that they appear in the list of available ones.

Later versions of the modification can work on their own, however, using the Baubles addon improves stability.