Minecraft Baubles makes cosmetic changes to the interface and works as a base for modifications by other authors. There is practically no content, apart from slots for accessories and additional clothes, with the exception of the miner's ring obtained from treasures (there is a recipe available in creative mode). In Minecraft, the Baubles mod is used as an API for other add-ons that bring new items separately, like Botania, Baubles Stuff, Thaumcraft.

If you want to improve your character in Minecraft, then downloading baubles is not difficult at all! Then there will be seven slots for:

• necklaces;
• medals;
• two rings;
• belts;
• body;
• heads.

To activate the inventory, use the "B" key. After that, an updated window appears where the player can interact with the slots.

Supported versions

You can download Baubles for the following versions: 1.10, 1.11, 1.12. There is also a version of Minecraft Baubles - Reborn. It can be downloaded for versions: 1.16, 1.18, 1.19.

How to download

To download the mod for Minecraft Baubles, you need:

1. Go to the Forge website.
2. Install Forge by downloading and running the installer following its instructions.
3. Open the Baubles website.
4. Download the file for your version of the client.

How to install

To work, you need to install Forge. In Minecraft, it’s not enough to download Baubles, you should also complete the installation by copying the file to the mods folder. It is located in the game directory.