Avatar 2 Out Of The Iceberg

Mod Avatar 2 Out Of The Iceberg - will allow you to become a magician of the elements of fire, water, earth or air, or an Avatar (as in Avatar the legend of Aang) and you will have access to 4 elements and various magical abilities associated with each element.

The mod has been developed for quite a long time and has been completely rewritten and changed several times, even it has 3 original wikis, and now the information in it is partially outdated, as the authors have again changed the development process in fashion.

At the moment, after appearing in the world, you can become a magician of one of the elements, you can craft a scroll of this element (level 1), after which you will have a window of your skills (K), these are various magical abilities, such as setting fire to enemies, flying on fire , fireballs, ground attack, air attack, etc. etc.

Once you learn a skill, you can use it either by using the skill menu (Alt) or by assigning a shortcut key. The player has a certain amount of power that is consumed when using abilities, and the abilities themselves have some delay between uses.

Each ability has several levels, with each subsequent level it becomes stronger, deals more damage, increases the radius of use or duration. To upgrade abilities, you need to use them, and progress to the next level can be seen in the menu by pressing Alt or in the menu of the ability itself.

Mod to add some mobs, these are penguins, flying bison, an ostrich horse and people, these are people of a certain magic, they are neutral and you can trade with them. You can fly on a flying bison, for this you need to tame it, first feed it with hay (up to white particles), and then feed an apple, and then install a saddle on the bison. (There are some misunderstandings with the controls, if you press Shift + RMB, then the bison will lie down, but to sit on it you need to press LMB, and to enter the bison's inventory - Shift LMB.) You can also use ostriches and penguins for movement.

The mod is quite interesting and of high quality, although it is very far from complete and bugs can be found everywhere, nevertheless, the visual effects of the abilities are very good. The mod perfectly repeats the possibilities of the Avatar anime universe, fans will especially like it.