Mod Artifacts - will add artifacts to the game that you can find in treasures, these are useful items that cannot be crafted, but which will help you in your daily gaming life. Finding dungeons will become even more interesting and useful.

In addition to a set of various useful items, the mod will add a new structure - a dungeon that you can find underground, but be careful it is guarded by a chest - a mimic, this is not a real chest that will attack you when approaching, moreover, it is very strong. All artifacts are put into special inventory slots added by the Curios API mod and they are displayed on the player and do not interfere with wearing armor.


Mask and snorkel - allow you to breathe underwater. Cap with drinks - reduces the time it takes to drink a drink. Night vision device - gives the effect of night vision. Green hat - gives more loot falling from killed mobs. Magnet - attracts objects at a greater distance. Vessel of Antidote - Reduces the duration of negative effects. Obsidian Skull - Gives temporary protection from fire. Scarf of luck - gives an additional effect of luck when mining blocks. Invisibility Scarf - Makes the player invisible. Panic Necklace - Increases speed after taking damage. (run forest run you-did-there) Thorn pendant - gives a chance to deal additional damage to the attacker. Flame Pendant - gives a chance to set fire to the enemy. Shock Pendant - Gives a chance to hit the attacker with lightning. Glove of Strength - Increases damage dealt. Piston Glove - Allows you to knock back enemies. Glove of Fire - Sets enemies on fire with a melee attack. Wild Claws - Increases attack speed. Prey Claws - Increases prey speed Fins - Increases speed and agility in the water. Leg spikes - reduce the knockback effect. Umbrella - can be used as a shield and as a glider for a smooth descent in the air. Obese with a Cross - Adds an invincibility effect after taking damage. Cat slippers - creepers will avoid you. Eternal beef and pork steak - endless food.