Reliquary + Reincarnations

The Reliquary mod is a collection of magical items and blocks that are hard to get but will make your gaming life a lot easier.
There are different rings and staves that give useful and interesting effects, help you fight or move, extract resources, allow you to survive in difficult conditions, etc. New potions, pedestals and even a pistol with a selection of different ammo.
Most interesting items:
• Coin of Fortune - a magnet that teleports items and experience to the player.
• Hunter's Handgun - a pistol that can be loaded with a variety of interesting cartridges.
• Infernal Chalice - portable lava storage, it will also protect you from lava in exchange for hunger.
• Torch of Prohibition - a torch that will repel mobs within a certain radius.
• Lilypad of Fertility - a flower that accelerates the growth of nearby plants.
• Nian Zhus - the item causes mobs to ignore the player.
• Sojourner's Staff - a staff that stores stacks of torches and can place them in the world around the player.
• Void Tear - an item that allows you to store a huge number of stacks of one item.
• Witherless Rose - a flower that removes the effect of withering if it is in inventory.
• Storm Breaker - a staff that allows you to fly by pulling you forward, can pull creatures.
• Lissa's Fishing Rod - allows you to steal some items from other people's inventories.
• Serpent staff - throws exploding projectiles.
• Frost staff - shoots snowballs and freezes opponents.
• Holy hand guarantor (hello Worms) - a powerful explosive device.