More Enchantments

More Enchantments is a mod for Minecraft 1.19.3/1.18.2 that adds a very convenient feature to the game, namely new types of enchantments. They will help you achieve more strength and get some opportune moments for your survival process.

What enchantments have been added?

Ax Enchantment. Increases tree cutting speed.
Additional enchantment for sharpness. Can further increase sword and ax damage.
A pickaxe enchantment that allows you to mine all the ore in a certain location at the same time, which will increase your mining speed.
Fire Enchantment. Suitable for shovels, axes and picks. Do you know what kind of enchantment is yourself?

More about charms

Vein: Vein is an upgrade for a pickaxe only. When your pickaxe has this enchantment, you can mine a lot of ore at the same time. Depending on the level of Vienna (max 3), the amount of ore you can mine will be increased.

Wood: Wood is an upgrade for the Ax only. When your ax has enchanted wood, you will break a lot of wood at once. This upgrade allows you to harvest trees much faster. Wood also has 3 levels of enchantment.

Alpha Fire: Improved for shovels, axes, and pickaxes. Alpha fire automatically burns blocks you destroy. For example, if you break sand, it will drop glass, shatter wood, drop charcoal, and so on. Alpha Fire has only 1 level.

Family: Enhance sword and axe. Family charm will not offend your pet.

Equipped with: reinforced sword and axe. Penetration gives a person the ability to absorb a potion. If you get a splash potion, you can take the Infuse device to absorb it. When your weapon is impregnated, your attack will apply the potion's effect to the target. On the contrary, you can right-click to give the effect itself. Infused has 10 levels. The higher the level, the longer the duration of the effect.

Curse of the End: Enchant allows you to move 8 blocks around the attacker when you shoot. Curse of the End has 3 levels. The higher the level, the stronger its bad effect.