Legends Mod

The Legends Mod is a huge, global mod that adds various superheroes, Jedi, characters from horror films and some TV series, costumes, items, weapons and working abilities associated with them to the game. It's very cool and realistic, the mod implies the possibility of pumping, development and is focused on multiplayer.

This is not really a mod, this is a small assembly that includes mods from this author, for example, inside there is a superheroes unlimited mod that has already been posted on the site. The mod contains several universes. The mod itself is being developed for the server from this author, where you can develop, fight, but you can also play in a single player game.


  • DC superheroes
  • Marvel superheroes star wars universe
  • Mandalorian universe
  • Heroes associated with
  • Horror films.
  • Godzilla

In each universe there are many characters that you can turn into (wearing a suit for example), each hero has his own unique abilities, someone can fly, someone can jump, destroy, blow up, throw, hit quickly, all this is implemented very cool. Naturally, there are 99% of famous heroes here like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man. Among scary celebrities there are Dracula, Wolfman, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhest, Freddy Krueger and others.

In the Star Wars universe there is an RPG-like system, in order to use lightsabers and powers you must become a Jedi or Sith, for this you need to go to the planet to the Sith or Jedi temple, choose your class, and then study and improve your abilities.

There is a system of moving between worlds in the mod, it is paid (special loans are needed), you can move to the space station, mars, tattooine, Korribian. Tython. Ilum, Hurikane. Distant planets can only be reached by teleporting from a space station.
To move, you need credits on the internal balance, you can take them from the creative (Token) and write the /token deposit command to the chat