The AbyssalCraft mod is a major magic mod that will add new dimensions to the game with bosses, biomes, structures and its own magic system with the creation of altars, various items, weapons, armor. In this mod there is a special book "Necronomicon", it has all the necessary information and guides, this book will receive new information as it progresses, so I will describe the most important.

Dimensions and biomes:

This mod adds only 2 "Darklands" biomes and 5 of its varieties: normal, plains, forest, highlands and mountains, as well as "Coral swamps". There are 4 dimensions in this mod: "Abyssal Wasteland", "Terrible Lands", "Omutul" and "Dark Kingdom", each of the dimensions has its own structures, new mobs, ore, and even bosses, also with the help of the resources found there you you will be able to improve your book, equipment, as well as gain new knowledge to reach more distant dimensions.


The 1st boss of AbyssalCraft is Asora, he is summoned by a special ritual in the abyss of the wasteland and is a remake of the Ender Dragon. 2nd boss Chagaroth, you can’t call him, because he is in a special dungeon, which can be generated by placing the "Altar of Chagaroth", the boss himself looks like the 3rd main terrible monster from whose body tentacles emanate, his mechanics are already more interesting, he will throw fireballs at you , breathe fire on you and spawn his minions, he cannot move, but this does not make him weaker.

3 and the last boss is Jazzar, he can be found in the temple, which in turn is located at coordinates x: 4, y: 53, z: 7, in Omutul, this boss is very strong, he will create black holes that suck all life in himself, create explosions, summon lightning, and create minions, and he can also throw the player out of creative mode. There is also a mini-boss Saktoth, he can be found in the dark lands, he is summoned by the explosion of the "Death Bomb of Forgetfulness", he will simply attack you and breathe black smoke on you, but be careful, this bomb is 1000 or even 10000 times stronger dynamite.


AbyssalCraft will give us a special system of magic, you will need to create a special altar by placing 9 cobblestones from any dimension, whether it be an ordinary world or a dark realm and click on the central block with the Necronomicon, after which an altar and 8 special pedestals will appear on which you need will arrange objects and click the charged Necronomicon in the center in order to activate the process, you can find all the recipes in the Necronomicon, in the game itself.

Necronomicon and charging:

The Necronomicon is a special book that contains absolutely all the information about fashion and what you need to do. It is also used in any of the rituals, but for it to work you need to charge it. It charges from statues, you can find them in structures that are generated in new biomes, or find a basement with a Shoggoth spawner, wait until at least 6 of them spawn.

Then you should sit in the bushes, after which you will need to wait for a while until they erect a column, on top of which there will be a statue, collect it and take it home, then install 1 or more statues next to the energy pedestal, or just stand up next to them and gradually your Necronomicon will be filled with energy. However, if you put statues just like that, sooner or later they will break, in order to prevent this you need to install special structures to calm the ancients, you can find them in the Necronomicon tab: Potential Energy > Place of Power > Structures.

The plot of the mod:

This mod even has its own plot, any of the bosses will talk to you, giving new information. The whole mod revolves around the worship of the ancients and the gods, you will be able to create different structures and temples to appease the ancients.