Ultimate Car Mod

Ultimate Car Mod - mod for realistic cars for minecraft, fuel, roads.

A very suitable and realistic mod that adds cars to minecraft that need to be refueled, the ability to create roads with markings, as well as the need to create diesel fuel for refueling vehicles. Several different types of cars, an interesting technological process, high-quality manufacturing.

A very suitable and interesting mod that adds cars to minecraft, this mod is very realistic, because to drive cars you need fuel, you need to create fuel, and this is not easy.
The car can break down, it needs to be started and turned off, the car cannot climb the blocks, and for a comfortable ride it is necessary to build full-fledged roads on which you can apply markings.
Let's go in order, a complete guide to the Ultimate Car Mod:

Let's start with the creation of fuel, we will get it from plants, biodiesel is everything.
Break the grass and find new seeds - canola, we plant them like wheat. grow and harvest.

Next, we need to create an oil mill and a dynamo machine, plus a crank handle. Crafts

Thanks to the dynamo and crank, we will be able to create RF energy (if right click on the handle), put the dynamo next to the oil mill or connect it with wires.
We fiddle with the handle, we get Stored Oil and Rape Cake, Rape Cake is a by-product, suitable for animal feed.
In the future, after you get biodiesel, you can create a diesel generator, connect all the machines with wires and not fiddle with the handle.

Go ahead, create a machine: blast furnace, similarly connect this machine to a dynamo and pull the handle again, oh yes, we put blocks of wood in the blast furnace.
We get Stored Methanol and charcoal as a by-product.

Next, we create pipes and pipe outlets, as well as a backmix reactor: crafts

We put the conclusions on the blast furnace and oil mill and connect them to the backmix reactor, we also connect this unit to a dynamo or generator.