Modern Weapons Pack (Warfare)

The Modern Weapons Pack, also known as the Modern Warfare Content Pack, is a modern pack, a large pack of modern weapons and equipment for Flans.

This is the official pack that will add to the game a large number of modern weapons and armor, as well as quite a lot of different equipment, tanks, planes, helicopters, jeeps, turrets.
Previously, this pack was called the Modern Weapons Pack and only added weapons, but now it has also been put in a lot of equipment and is now called the Modern Warfare Content Pack.
The pack itself is quite high-quality and varied, different armor and different types of weapons, from pistols and machine guns to grenade launchers, claymores, grenades and even a minigun, the equipment pack adds several varieties of tanks, helicopters and fighters, as well as an air defense system and several jeeps.

Making things:
All weapons are created through a block - a box with modern weapons, select the desired weapon in it and see its price.
All equipment is created through the table for creating equipment, you see the components, you create them.