Хujmod Cars Mod

Mod xujmod Cars Mod - real cars for minecraft.

This mod will add to the game some real existing cars of real size, you can find them in garages around the world, install a new engine there, fill up and ride. You can repaint the car, install some tuning.

I would like to immediately note that the mod has just been released and this is a very early version of it, a lot can change in the future.

So, now in the world you can find new structures - garages, they can contain car loot or the car itself.
There are currently 4 cars in total:
Opel Manta A
Mazda RX7FC
It won’t work right away to sit down and go, you need to refuel the car - by creating ethanol capsules from industrial craft 2.
You need to find an engine and a can of WD40.
You will also have to create a lift for the engine.

To get into the inventory of the car - pick up WD40 and RMB on the car, you will see what is installed in the car and how much fuel.

When you have everything, take ethanol capsules and right click on the car - you will fill it up.
Take the LEVER, and right click on the lift, you will install the engine in the car.
Then just sit down and ride, if you press W once - the car will go slowly, if somewhat faster, in general, there are several speeds.
At the time of publication - there is no reverse gear, no sounds either.
You can also repaint the car and install a little tuning on it, while it works so-so, and there are few components.