SecurityCraft - protection for your buildings in minecraft

The mod adds different blocks that will allow you to protect your home or base, there are laser and keyboard blocks, the ability to open doors with a special code, explosion-proof blocks, as well as various tools for breaking into your protected buildings.

I think the most important attribute of this mod is the laser.
In order for it to work, you need to place 2 laser blocks within 4 blocks of each other.
as soon as anything passes through the laser, it will turn on a 2 second redstone signal. with a fast pass.
enough for the siren to howl 2 times.


 The keyboard works like this - enter the initial password (it cannot be changed later), and enter the same password that you entered last time. and voila! it gives a redstone signal in 4 seconds. good thing about servers. no more need to make big combination locks!
This thing gives a redstone signal in 4 seconds if the person who placed and looked at Steve's face looks at him again. this will only work with one person.

The name is clear. I'll tell you how to use it - for the very first time you need to choose:
mode and access level. there are only 5 of them. but what about the modes... 1 - the level you have chosen and above. 2 - only the level you have chosen.

This block checks the inventory of the player passing through the field. There are also 2 modes. Mode 1 - removes items in the inventory of this block. Mode 2 - if the player finds an item in his inventory - turns on the redstone signal for 4 seconds.

If a player stands on this block, then he will be surrounded on all sides by reinforced iron bars, and he will write in the chat - who got caught and the coordinates.

This thing transmits the coordinates of players located anywhere.

This thing works in the same way as a keyboard. in other words, a chest with a combination lock.

The panic button works like a lever. it just looks like a button. nothing special.
The alarm, if there is a redstone signal coming to it, it will activate and begin to howl. not too loud, but enough.

Just a password protected oven. to be honest - some kind of nonsense.
A very good thing. it works as follows - put the camera anywhere (don't put the camera under the ceiling, because you look just above the camera.) and LMB on the camera with a surveillance tablet (OH GREAT FNAF!) and voila! after the tablet, click on the empty space and select cameras. maximum 10 cameras per tablet. 5 per page. You can also turn on night vision on the N key.