Immersive Railroading

Immersive Railroading - mod for real trains and railways for minecraft.

This mod will add to minecraft the ability to create a full-fledged railway with real trains and locomotives that you can control and need to refuel, build your own railway network in the game.

What features does the mod have at the moment?

I want to warn you, the mod just came out, it is in beta version, there may be bugs and problems, unstable work.
At the time of publication of the news, the mod does not have crafts, that is, all items can only be obtained by cheating.
If you click on the laid rail with RMB, you can call up the rail settings menu.

The mod adds the ability to create a full-fledged railway, for these purposes the mod adds rails, you can create forks, choose the length of the rail, the material on which they stand, create rails going up.
The process of laying, or rather connecting the rail is not the most convenient, sometimes it is buggy and it is not possible to create what you want.

After laying the rails, you can install a finished steam locomotive or diesel locomotive on them.
In general, steam locomotives and diesel locomotives are assembled from separate components that are similarly installed on the rails in turn, but so far this process is extremely buggy.
Obviously in the future, all train components will need to be created on a special press (steam hammer) in which you can select a component and add materials there.
It is worth noting that this mod is closely related to the Immersive Engineering mod, at the time of publication of the news, diesel fuel from this mod is necessary for refueling a diesel locomotive. In the future, it is likely that the metals and energy from this mod will be needed to create train components.
After we installed our locomotive on the rails, hold down the left Shift and right-click on it, a window for adding fuel and water will open.
For a steam locomotive, it is necessary to pour water inside and put coals; for a diesel locomotive, it is necessary to add diesel fuel inside.
The far left value is the amount of water, it will decrease.
Next - the pressure in PSI, for the steam locomotive to move - pressure is needed.
The next thing is the water temperature, the pressure will begin to rise when the water temperature is 100 degrees or more, for this you need to monitor the fuel.
Next is the level of the brakes.
Next - the level of traction, on the screenshot - neutral, you can move forward and backward.
Wait until the pressure appears and go.