Advanced Solar Panels

Advanced Solar Panels is an addon for the famous IndustrialCraft 2, it adds various types of solar panels, it becomes even more interesting to play.
1. Ordinary solar panel - Advanced Solar Panel

The simplest panel, unremarkable, everyone starts somewhere :).

Energy generation: 10 eu per day, 1 eu at night and on rainy days.
Storage capacity: 32,000 eu
Gives energy output: 32 eu
Can charge devices simultaneously: 4

2. Hybrid solar panel - Hybrid Solar Panel
3. More technically equipped hybrid solar panel - Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel
After much research, scientists have discovered new properties of iridium. Together with Sunnarium, the conversion of solar energy has increased by 8 times, also under bad conditions, you can extract 6 times more energy than usual. Technologies do not stand still, try them all!

Energy generation: 512 eu per day, 64 eu at night and on rainy days.
Storage capacity: 1,000,000 eu
Gives energy output: 512 eu
Can charge devices simultaneously: 4

4. Quantum generator - Quantum Generator

Advanced Solar Panels - addon for IndustrialCraft2 [1.12.2] [1.11.2] [1.10.2] [1.7.10]

This is the pinnacle of quantum physics technology! This gift is received from an alien civilization. After years of research, engineers have not been able to find a way to replicate this technology.
This coolest generator was created for "server administrators" and not only for them, in general, for people who need endless energy. You can fully customize this generator (this is not a crafting recipe)! Yes guys, this generator is fully customizable! You can change the energy output and maximum energy size (for use with different cables) in the GUI menu.

Example: we have to make an energy output of 5120 eu and transmit it via a "glass fiber cable". Fiberglass cables only accept 512 eu. We need to set the "OUTPUT" 5120 and the "Max packet Size" 512 settings in the quantum generator. Now the quantum generator produces 10 packets with an energy of 512 eu per unit of time. You can transfer this energy through copper cables if you set "Max packet Size" to 32. You can disable all generators with redstone.