Industrial mods for minecraft

Industrial mods for Minecraft have the goal of complicating the gameplay and forcing the player to draw formulas, create mechanisms, process ore and enthusiastically look for new resources for the production of high-tech equipment.

Minecraft: industrial mods and their features

Complex options add:

• ores (such as copper);
• alloys;
• mechanisms;
• electricity;
• machines for the production of complex components;
• equipment, including modern weapons;
• locations, from worlds to entire planets and space travel.

Individual elements can be found in smaller addons. With the help of industrial mods, the player can learn the power of steam engines, solar panels, heavy industry. Such additions are aimed at creating production chains, because even communications will need to be laid.

What versions are available

Such modifications can be installed on any version of Minecraft. More information on the page.

How to Download Minecraft Industrial Mod

To download the mod, you need Forge. For installation you need:

1. Go to the Forge page.
2. Select and download the appropriate version.
3. Install following the instructions of the installer.
4. Check the dependencies of the selected mod.
5. Install them.
6. Download mod.

How to Install Industrial Mods in Minecraft

Step by step:

1. Transfer all downloaded archives with addons to the mods folder (without unpacking).
2. Launch the game.

After that, Forge will automatically detect them and activate them.