Reeves's Furniture Mod

The Reeves's Furniture Mod is a fairly large and high-quality mod that adds a large amount of furniture and items for decoration and home improvement. There are furniture, household appliances, new building blocks, various objects for lighting and decoration in fashion.

Models of furniture are very high quality, many blocks have useful functionality and with their help you can equip many different rooms.

Short list of items:

  • Lots of tables and chairs.
  •  Various kitchen cabinets, shelves, cabinets.
  • Sinks, stove, refrigerator, extractor hood, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, trash can.
  •  Decorative floor stones (ala steps).
  •  Lamps, chandeliers, lamps.
  • Bathroom and toilet decor, toilet bowl, toilet paper, heated towel rail.
  • Household appliances, TV, laptop, printer, telephone, computer, monitor.
  • New windows, doors, decor for them, blinds.
  • Decor for the local area, outdoor benches, trees, sun loungers, hammocks.
  • New blocks for building. Living room and workplace decor, globe, aquarium, animal bed.
  • Blocks for decorating the road, cones, chippers.
  •  Decorative plants in pots. Everywhere little things, books, bottles, letters, parcels, cups, shelves, watches, etc.
  • Shop decor, products, shelves, refrigerators, cash registers. Bar decor office decor etc.