The DecoCraft mod is a global decorative mod that adds more than 3000 decor and interior items to minecraft, a lot of different furniture and household appliances, decorative toys, building blocks, house parts, lighting fixtures. You will be able to realistically decorate any room of the house, the local area, decorate the hospital, bar, playroom and children's room. Some items from the mod have functionality, you can sit on chairs and sofas, use the oven or refrigerator.

When placing blocks in the game world, you will see a preview of how the block will be installed, it can be installed at different angles, it is very realistic.

The mod has its own decor creation workbench, and all mod items are created from 3 types of clay of different colors, clay is created from sand, mud and dye, you need to add all 3 colored clays to the workbench and you can choose what you want to get.