Performant is a mod that will improve the performance of the game, which means it will raise the FPS, reduce the number of lags. The mod can be used
both on the server and on the client, or both there and there.
The mod optimizes the processing of all entities in the game (mobs and special blocks), which allows you to get impressive optimization without any differences in mob AI. According to the author, on version 1.14.4 you can get up to 50% less time per tick.

The increase in the speed of work depends on the number of objects and on the version of the game, 1.14.4 gives a greater result, and 1.12.2 less, since 1.12.2 itself is very well optimized.

The author attaches screenshots of testing, he spawned 200 sheep in the world, after which he measured Tick Time - the time spent on rendering one game tick, the smaller it is, the faster the game works.