Mod FoamFix - increase performance, FPS in minecraft

Designed to optimize Minecraft starting after versions 1.7.10. Reduce Java Heap consumption by up to 50%!

The Java Heap is used by the Java Runtime to allocate memory for objects and JRE classes. The creation of a new object also happens on the heap. This is where the garbage collector works: it frees memory by deleting objects that do not have any references. Any object created on the heap is globally accessible and can be referenced from any part of the application.

Questions and answers

Q: What is the difference between Lawful and Anarchy Editions?
A: Anarchy Edition is used as a library when Lawful Edition is not. This basically means that the Lawful Edition is less aggressive. However, I recommend using the Lawful Edition.
Q: Can I mix versions?
Oh yeah.
Q: Will there be a version for 1.7.10?
A: No. FoamFix is for versions 1.8 and above.

Known issues:
BetterFoliage version 2.1.4 and below: The "coremod.parallelModelBaking" setting is causing problems. Disable it or update the mod. JustEnoughCalculation versions prior to 02/21/2017: The "coremod.dynamicItemModels" setting causes a crash. Disable it or update the mod. sponge: The "coremod.optimizedBlockPos" setting interferes with Sponge's own transforms. Please turn it off. The "coremod.smallPropertyStorage" setting can cause FoamFix to appear in the following bug report:

Install BetterFPS - it optimizes other areas of Minecraft that FoamFix does not touch If you are experiencing stuttering when loading chunks, then the way to partially solve the problem is to increase the value of dormantChunkCacheSize in forgeChunkLoading.cfg For some graphics cards/drivers, disabling mipmaps (setting mipmap level to 0) will increase FPS significantly On dedicated servers, setting max-tick-time = 0 may resolve crashes related to "java.lang.Error: Watching server".