AI Improvements

Mod AI Improvements - improving the performance of the server and the game.

A small mod that slightly optimizes the work of artificial intelligence for mobs, the mod will not change the behavior of the mobs or anything significant, but thanks to this mod, the load on the server's processor will decrease, which will improve the game for everyone. The author of the mod reports that installing the mod on the player's client will not bring much FPS improvement, and is not really needed, but this thing is very useful for the server, it allows you to disable the AI Watch Closest Entity function, it determines the current position of entities in relation to certain large objects, disabling This function does not lead to any problems, but allows you to ease the load on the processor.

The mod has a config file, in which you can turn this feature on and off. (and possibly some others.)
There are no screenshots because there is nothing to show.

How to install the mod:
Install Forge Install all additional mods if indicated. Download mod and copy to .minecraft/mods Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.