For assemblies

Assembly Line is a technical mod for automation and transportation.

In fact, this mod adds very few features, namely, a robotic arm, as well as blocks for creating a conveyor.
Blocks of movement, rotation, as well as rails and trolleys.

This mod has a long history and was developed by different authors, on different versions it has slightly different functionality and "performance"

For mod on version 1.7.10 from voltz engine:

Everything you need to build this adds a base, or the core - voltz engine, which is essentially the base for other mods, for example ICBM, and if the latter is quite working and playable, then the Assembly Line is eerily buggy.

The core itself adds many new ores, has a partial translation into Russian, as well as many different derivatives from ores and technology components.
In theory, this mod allows you to create assembly lines for rockets, robotic hands will assemble them on the go, but in reality it all works extremely problematic, the trolleys twitch, fly off the rails, in general, all the desire to understand fashion has disappeared, unstable and buggy.
For the same voltz engine, new versions of the mod come out every 2-3 days, all of them are in alpha and marked as not stable, and have been the same for a year, if not more.

On version 1.16.x from aurilisdev:

This author is engaged in rewriting and resurrecting old industrial mods, including Assembly Lines. In his performance, the mod is much better, has a translation into Russian.