XL Food Mod+ new food

Mod XL Food Mod - new food and drinks for minecraft.

Love to eat? even in minecraft do you want variety in the food you eat? excellent, this is a very good mod for new food for the game. This mod is a remake of the long-existing Baked Goods Mod for new versions of the game.

What does this mod add or change in the world of minecraft food?
The mod will change the vanilla grass of the game, now it will have a 35% chance to drop various seeds of plants, pepper, rice, cucumber, lettuce, etc. A new ore will appear in the game - mountain salt, with its help some dishes are created. Lots of new plants, rice, pepper, corn, cucumber, lettuce, strawberry, tomato, all kinds of new food can be prepared from all fruits. A huge number of new recipes, dishes, ingredients, from scrambled eggs to sausages and cheese bread, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, tacos, burritos, salads, ice cream. Well, the whole thing can be washed down with new drinks, energy drinks, beer, coffee.

I won't post crafts of new products, there are a lot of them, you still can't remember, install JEI and watch them right in the game.