The Camping Mod

Mod The Camping Mod - tents, backpacks, fires, camping for minecraft.

If you like to go hiking, then this is a great mod for the game, now you can create a tent for yourself, build a fire and cook food on it, set a trap against animals, as well as create a portable workbench and double your inventory with a multi-tool.

This mod on different versions of the game adds a slightly different set of things, but in each version you will get a tent in which you can install a sleeping bag and a chest, you can make a fire and cook food on it.
In the old versions of the game there were several types of fires, some more effective and even cheating, but in the current versions of the fires there are only 2.
Just a campfire that gives light and no more and a cooking fire that runs on coal, with some sets it allows you to cook from 2 to 4 pieces of food at a time. (if you don't pick up the cooked food, it will burn.).
Also in the new versions of the game you can create a lamp, hang it in a tent, you can also create a trap, if an animal gets into it, the trap will kill him. In version 1.11.2 for the game, the mod adds 3 types of new mobs, a grizzly bear, an arctic fox and a traveler, you can exchange emeralds for different things.