Project Brazier

The Project Brazier mod (old name Dark Roleplay Medieval) is an RPG style decorative mod that adds over 100 decorative items and new medieval style blocks. With this mod, you can build realistic taverns and houses of the Middle Ages, decorate castles, build realistic roofs, furnish houses with beautiful furniture.

The mod itself is not an RPG mod, it is exclusively decoration, some have functionality, others do not, the mod is full of different chests, barrels and boxes, there are simple dishes, candles, candlesticks, lamps, tables and chairs, sloping tile roof blocks, new construction blocks, simple weapons, and some tools, even some food.

On version 1.14.4, and 1.16.5+, after a long break, the author completely reworks the mod, he abandoned some blocks and items, added others, and also changed the name of the mod to Project Brazier. At the moment, not all the blocks and items in the screenshots are in fashion, the author also plans to add more new things there, if he keeps his promise, then after some time we will update the description and screenshots.