Natura Mod

Natura Mod - new trees, plants, blocks, tools.

The mod is a small but very interesting and useful addition to minecraft assemblies, it adds new types of trees and other plants to the game. Thanks to these trees, you will be able to get food in the initial stages of survival. From new trees, you can create new types of blocks, sets of armor and tools with different properties.

You will find many new types of trees in the world, including you can grow giant redwood trees, and they are really super huge. New flowers and bushes with berries are waiting for you, and now trees and transparent mushrooms also grow in hell. Moreover, in hell there are trees that grow from the ceiling down, it's very cool. The mod adds two new mobs, one of which is a hellish creeper. The mod was created as an add-on mod for Tinkers' Construct, it also goes well with ExtraBiomesXL and Biomes O Plenty

To grow a huge mahogany, you need to plant 49 seedlings in the shape of a 7x7 square and wait a day, or spend a lot of bone meal.