FRSM - Fex's Random Stuff Mod

A very interesting mod that will add many different blocks to the game for decorating and decorating your home and street, there are appliances, TVs, a washing machine, computers, lamps, fences, chimneys and even a bus stop.

The mod does not have a clear focus, it adds various decorative blocks, as well as whole small structures, such as an office chair, a chimney, functional lamps of different colors, fences, barriers, and even a full-fledged bus stop.
Asphalt blocks, street lighting.

A whole section of fashion is devoted to decorating rooms, the author has worked out household appliances well, here you will find TVs of different sizes, a computer and laptops of different colors, a refrigerator, an oven, a washing machine, a toaster, a vending machine for sweets and even a clock, moreover, the clock is real and shows the time on your pc. A separate fashion tab is dedicated to food, pizza, donuts, chocolate and the like, there is not much food here.

The mod adds special tools for repainting blocks that have different colors. Some tabs have devices, or things that are still being developed, there are few of them and I don’t understand how they work (maybe they don’t work at all).