Mod Forestry - mod for bees, farms, new trees, Forestry.

A great mod that will add to the game many new types of trees that can be crossed, the possibility of beekeeping, building automatic farms, breeding butterflies and other things related to agriculture.

Initially, Forestry was a kind of add-on for large industrial mods like buildcraft or industrial craft, it added automatic farms, machines for automatic extraction of ores, wood, etc. to the game.
Over time, the mod developed a new feature - beekeeping, you need to look for bee hives, cross bees, breed rare types of bees that, in addition to honey, will provide you with various useful resources, and with the installation of addons there will be even more such bees.

The mod will add a lot of trees, moreover, they also need to be crossed to get new species, the trees give fruits suitable for eating. Butterfly breeding is a completely new feature, it is similar to beekeeping, look for and catch butterflies, crossbreed and hatch them from caterpillars.

From the industrial past, the fashion remained - automatic farms, blocks like a lumberjack or a digger, but their work requires special energy, which can only be obtained by installing industrial mods.

So what this mod adds:

  • Tree auto farms Auto farms of wheat,
  • Hell growth,
  • Cacti,
  • Sugarcane,
  • Pumpkins and watermelons.

Additional energy resources for BuildCraft'a Beekeeping Butterfly breeding (in new versions) About 30 trees and things from new types of wood.

 Inhabitant: beekeeper 3 new ores 3 new metals 9 new fluids 2 new soils Tools Capacities Backpacks And much more