Farmer's Delight

Mod Farmer's Delight - expands the cooking process, making it more interesting and varied. The mod adds a lot of new plants from which you can cook a lot of new food, as well as quite a few useful functional and even decorative items related to cooking.

Now in the world you can find a lot of wild plants from which you can get seeds to create your farm, many are very rare, you can try to bargain with the inhabitants or find them in sunken ships. Note that wild varieties of plants are not particularly edible, but will allow you to start farming.

The mod adds a new tool - a knife, if you kill animals with it, then you are guaranteed to get the full loot that falls from the mob. Plants cut with a knife (grass, wheat, rice, etc.) also give straw.

The mod adds new functional blocks, these are kitchen cabinets in which you can store things, a cutting board, knives, a realistic stove, as well as a pot with which you can cook food on the stove and even on a fire. From useful items, you can create a tatami mat (sleep on it), as well as a rescue net, this is a special block in the form of a net that will save you when you fall. Fans of exploring the world will like it - a rope, it allows you to attach it to a block near a cliff, right-click on it and it will build itself down, then it is easy to go down and up it.