RoboWorks VAZ

The RoboWorks VAZ mod is a content pack for Flans that adds VAZ cars to minecraft.

This pack will add about 20 Soviet (Russian) VAZ cars of different colors to the game, now you can ride minecraft on cool Soviet classic cars.
This is not a mod, this is a content pack, some kind of addition for the Flans mod, there are a lot of similar packs, but there are not so many that add something native, Soviet.
At the moment, there are not so many types of cars in the pack, there is a VAZ 2106 in different colors and a police version, as well as several variants of the VAZ 2103, but the author has already created and will soon add new models to the pack, his group already has models of the VAZ 2105, SMZ-S3D, she is also a disabled woman, plans for a penny, deuce, 99, 10, 12, 14, 15, 2121 and others, in general, the entire Soviet-Russian auto industry.
The cars themselves are quite high-quality and beautiful, the models were created by RoboWorks, for which he has great respect, the physics of these models is responsible for the flange mod, but it is far from ideal, there are lags, bugs and other delights.