A very convenient minimap, and earlier this mod was called Zan's Minimap and it will be useful to every player.
The minimap will help you navigate in space, understand where you are, show the direction to the place of death.
You will be able to see mobs on the minimap, put various markers, see other players, coordinates and much more.

Full mod support. Search for caves and abandoned mines Mob search Full Russification Markers Huge functionality in settings Support for other worlds And much more...

Control, keys:

The Z key changes the scale on the minimap, and at a certain moment shows all the loaded chunks in the middle of the window.
The X key shows the map in full screen.
The M key calls up the settings window, as well as the transition to the window for setting marks on the map.
Key C customizable marker shows the distance to the point (also, if configured, it can show the point of death "DeathPoint").