Lucky Block Mod

Lucky Block - lucky blocks, luck block mod, random block for minecraft.

This is an extremely popular mod that adds a special block to the game (luck block or lucky block) that will test your luck. Create and install this block, then activate it with a button or lever and it will work. This block is created by a random action, it can throw you up, give you a bunch of resources, spawn mobs, throw you into a trap, build a structure, give different game effects, etc., etc.

You can create this block or find it in the world in special structures, lucky sword, lucky bow and lucky potion cannot be created, they can fall out of the lucky block.

You can change the block's luck parameter, for this you need to add valuable or negative items to it using a workbench.

The block has a huge number of different combinations and which one will fall out to you is pure luck. This mod will allow you to have fun with your friends. And in the new versions of the mod, some other things of luck have appeared, for example, a bow or a sword of luck that have their own interesting effects.