Journey Map mod is one of the best minimap and map mods for minecraft, journey map has many settings and useful features that will be useful to any player. The mod has the function of automatic mapping of the territory, the ability to create marks and quickly teleport to them, there is a web map (map in the browser), the map itself and the minimap display mobs, caves, players and much more, and it is also completely in Russian.

Journey Map mod features:
Several types of minimap, they display coordinates, direction of view of players, marks, mobs, pets, names of creatures, a compass, all this is also configurable and very flexible, colors, sizes, formats, transparency, etc., etc. Full-screen map with the ability to scroll, zoom in, zoom out, also shows all the information. Web map - allows you to view the map through a browser, it will be useful for a server with friends, or for using a tablet or phone as a map. Marks - allows you to create marks and display them on the map and in the world, there are keys for quick teleportation to them, auto-marks are also created upon death. Cartography - the ability to "load" the world around and build its map at a distance of up to 32 chunks around, including cave mapping. Day/night mode for the map. Surface height display mode (topography). Cave display mode. Several interface design options. Possibility to save the map as a picture. Many settings for fine-tuning and optimizing the map