Baritone + Fabritone

The Baritone mod is an incredible cheat bot for servers and a single player game, it allows you to automatically extract resources, dig tunnels, move, clear and build up the territory, as well as build automatically build buildings according to the Shematic file, moreover, your character will do all this by myself, in survival mode.

This bot will allow you to easily extract resources while you are resting, will allow you to build a beautiful building, or clear / build up a huge area, all the bot needs is time, resources, and he himself will choose the most optimal route and will avoid various troubles.
The bot is very functional and interesting, it has many features, so in this article I will write how to use the most popular and simple functions, and later, perhaps in a separate article, I will describe all the functions of the bot (ask in the comments).

The bot is controlled from the chat, and for convenience, the author has created a fairly convenient help menu, which lists all the commands and how to use them, if you know at least a little English, you don’t really need a guide.

On version 1.12.2, the mod can work with the Schematica mod using the #schematica command.

The Fabritone mod is a rework of a Fabric mod by another team.
Brief guide:

To execute any command, you need to write a command with a prefix, in our case it is # (or in some versions it may be @)

The most important command is #help, it will display a convenient menu that lists all the functions and features of the mod, by clicking on each you can read more about it, including full examples.