Zoo & Wild Animals Mod + Evolved

Zoo & Wild Animals Mod - 90+ new animal mobs for minecraft + safari park paraphernalia.

A major mod that will add a lot of new animals to minecraft, at the moment there are more than 90 of them. These are real animals that you can meet in the game, the mod will also add many different devices related to safari and nature, even a jeep.
At the moment, the mod is only available for one version of minecraft and is quite old, but the author is working on the mod, perhaps when the author is finished, he will port the mod to newer versions of the game.

So, you can find new mobs in the game world, they have different behavior and many new sounds.
The mod adds various devices for interacting with animals, baits, nets, new tools, fences and even a car.
Now you can search for animals while driving a Jeep, you can drive it.
Several types of weapons, with sedatives, sleeping pills and several types of military weapons.
In the mod itself there is a book with crafting all these things.