Vic's Modern Warfare

Vic's Modern Warfare - aka vics modern warfare mod - This mod adds 3D weapons, as well as military uniforms, military briefcases, body armor, scenery and even some monsters. The mod is very interesting and large, the weapon has beautiful 3D models, realistic reload animations, sounds, physics of shooting and hitting bullets, the ability to lie down on the ground, this is one of the best military mods for minecraft at the moment.


The mod has a lot of weapons, most of them are real weapons, pistols and machine guns, rifles from different countries of the world. The mod provides all types of weapons, edged weapons in the form of knives, bits and even chainsaws. Firearms - pistols, shotguns, machine guns, rifles, submachine guns, etc.
There are also large weapons - rocket launchers, grenade launchers, grenades. There are some fantastic weapons in the mod, there is a fat man rocket launcher that shoots atomic charges, some laser weapons.

All weapons have their own ammo and magazines, you need to load any weapon before firing it. Many weapons have the ability to install additional modules such as optical sights or laser sights. In addition to installing modules, you can change weapon skins.


Among the armor you will find many different types of real armor, bulletproof vests and military briefcases, they are worn in separate slots and externally displayed on the player. There are different helmets, including some fantastic armor from games and movies.


The mod has a different decor that will allow you to equip the battlefields, install different elements that can be used for shelter and just for beauty. For example, various cabinets, tables, lighting fixtures, TVs. computers, surveillance systems, barrels, and even corpses of enemies or zombies.


At the moment, the mod has several types of new mobs, among them there are bandits with weapons, several types of zombies, and even scary and very strong boss monsters.