Quark mod

Quark mod is a big mod with lots of vanilla features, decorations, gestures, automation.

This is a fairly large complex mod that adds a lot of vanilla features to minecraft without spoiling the overall style of the game, many changes are small and simple, but will bring something new and convenient to the game. (from the point of view of the author).
New mobs will appear, like crabs, frogs and some unusual ones. New blocks and much more.

What does the Quark mod add?

Opportunities for process automation:
1) The distributor knows how to plant seeds on suitable soil.
2) The dispenser can place any blocks.
3) Distributors are able to play records from a nearby music block.
4) Ender Watcher - a new block that creates a redstone signal if the player looks directly at it.
5) Animals can eat food thrown to them just like that.
6) Pressure plates made of obsidian, only work on the player.
7) Pistons that can break blocks.
8) Pistons can move chests and furnaces.
9) Weather sensor, if it rains or snows, it emits a redstone signal, or vice versa.

Decorative blocks for building:
1) Carved wood.
2) Blocks of pillars with wood texture on all sides.
3) Clay tiles.
4) Iron plates.
5) More kinds of sandstone.
6) More kinds of stone bricks.
7) Quilted wool.
8) Painted wooden boards.
9) Stairs slabs, walls.
A lot of different blocks and items for construction and decoration, I will not list them anymore.

Blocks for decoration and decoration:
1) New bookshelves.
2) New chests.
3) New types of workbench.
4) Colored beds.
5) Colored flower pots.
6) Colored frames for objects
7) Iron stairs.
8) Sheet carpet.
9) Paper walls.
10) And a few other cool things.

New features when working with inventory:
1) Automatic tool recovery.
2) Buttons for sorting things in chests, unload, load everything, etc.
3) Delete items, Ctrl + Delete hovering over an item will remove it from inventory.
4) Drop Items button tries to drop all of your inventory into nearby chests.
5) If you press F in the inventory while hovering over a slot, the player will take it to an additional slot, as if it were not in the inventory.
6) Favorite items, Alt + click on a block will make it a favorite, this will leave the block in inventory when using keys to clear or move.
7) Clicking on X will show your entire inventory above your hotbar.
8) Inventory sorting button.

1) Creepers turn red before exploding.
2) Automatic unlocking of recipes (for 1.12), unlocks all recipes in the book at once.
3) Stone tools can be crafted with all types of stones.
4) Zombie children will die in the sun just like adults.
5) Torches can be used as fuel in the furnace.
6) Kritsu can be cut, does 1 damage to them and throws out 1 feather.
7) Chickens drop feathers, just like eggs.
8) Clay blocks can be disassembled into clay.
9) Double doors open together.
10) A tooltip has appeared showing how many units of hunger the food will satisfy.
11) Glass fragments, breaking glass, collect fragments and make new glass out of it.
12) The hoe removes 5x5 crop blocks (diamond), so it breaks the grass.
13) Changes for sleep, it is possible to change the time for the day if all the players went to bed.
14) Knock on the door, clicking the left button on the door will cause a knock on the door.
15) Simplified placement of ladders while on them.
16) Looking down the stairs makes you move faster.
17) When you hover over a map, a preview of this map will appear
18) Random animal textures, more varieties.
19) Sheep with wool take less damage than without.
20) You can edit the plate.
21) The slabs can be assembled back into a block.
22) The sponge will dry out if placed in hell.
23) All types of carts can be stacked at 16.
24) All stairs can be assembled into blocks.
25) The villagers follow the emerald block.
26) Changed the display of information about weapons, to a more visual one.

1) Boat sails, decoration (right-click on the boat with a banner)
2) You can paint the elytra.
3) Any item + dye in the anvil will color the name of this item to the desired one.
4) Emotions, a set of 10 types of emotions for the player:
Press the chat button, on the right there is a menu of emotions, head nodding, facepalm. waving, refusing, clapping, jubilation, pointing, and some others.
5) You can duplicate fireworks by making a copy of them.
6) You can sit on the stairs.
7) Witches can drop their hat armor + some bonuses.

1) Basalt.
2) Large mushrooms in swamps.
3) Treasures, maps to them can be found in fortresses and temples.
4) Crystal caves.
5) New mobs that you can meet in the dungeons.
6) Variety of dungeons.
7) New ore in the ender world.
8) New mobs in the oceans.
9) Pirate ships, they will have skeletons and trophies.
10) New world type - realistic, new terrain with hills and mountains.
11) Underground biomes.
12) Underground clay.