MrCrayfish’s Device

The MrCrayfish’s Device mod will add a real working laptop to minecraft, you can turn on the laptop, inside there are working functions, paint, play, notes, send emails, a bank, a very funny mod, great with a mod for accessories, equip your workplace.

What does the MrCrayfish's Device mod add?

Laptop, laptop, computer, real, with animation of opening and closing the lid.
You can also go into this very laptop, there are some cool features inside, and these features are constantly being supplemented, currently available:
1) Notepad for notes. Create, read, delete.
2) Paint, draw pictures right in the game.
3) Email, you can register an in-game email address and send emails to it.
4) Game, draw a map and sail the boat on it. (my game crashes when installing a player)
5) Bank, if you have emeralds in your inventory, you can exchange them for money and back. While there is no practical application, I think it will be in the future.
6) The app store is still empty, soon there will be something there, most likely for play money from the bank.
7) Change desktop screensaver
8) Game clock.